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Shifting Ground

Tittle: Shifting Ground

Fandom: Harry Potter  

Story Summury:
Five years after the defeat of Voldemort, Harry and the DA have been busy catching up with all the Death Eaters still hanging around. When the DA finally track down Peter Pretigrew however he jumps back in time, to 1975, where a Death Eater could do a lot of damage. Now there is no choice but to follow, but the ground is shifting undernearth their feet and they are going to have to move quickly, if they are going to keep James and Lily alive. 

Hopefully posting this will encourage me to continue writing this. 

Sorry for the no doubt numerous spelling and grammer mistakes.


Location: Lord Voldemort’s Headquarters, Dungeon

Undisclosed under – If I tell you I’ll have to kill you policy.

Date: September the 1st 1976


Lily Evens looked at her watch for the fifth time in the last hour and thought about just how much she did not want to be here. When she had woken up this morning she had expected to be going back to Hogwarts as Head Girl for her final year but instead she had found herself struck in one of You-Know-Who’s cold, drafty cell with the most stuck-up, vein, and arrogant person she had ever had the misfortune to met. James Potter.

It was his fault entirely that she was in this mess, of course. Only he could manage to get both himself and an innocent bystander captured by Voldemort’s Death Eater while on a normally perfectly safe journey on the Hogwarts Express.  Okay, so she hadn’t been such an innocent bystander, she had been following him after all. 

However it certainly wasn’t her fault he had made her so suspicious of what he was up to by walking by her compartment alone, without the rest of his gang, and without stopping to make to fun of her. After all as Head Girl it was her duty to make sure her fellow students behaved themselves, even if this particular fellow student was the one that the Professors had had the serious misjudgment to make Head Boy.

And it definably wasn’t her fault he was stupid enough to pick up a golden snitch just lying so innocently on the floor of one of the carriages during a war. She had tired to stop him of course but just as she reached forward to stop him, he touched the portkey.  When her stomach had finally settled she found herself in the middle of a locked dungeon cell holding on the back of James Potter’s T-shirt.

    They had already been here for at least two hours already, and thanks to James Bloody Potter no one probably even knew they were missing yet. She glared at Potter who was now sat so seemingly unconcerned against the opposite wall. Like there was nothing to be concerned about being captured by You-Know-Who but then she had heard that his parents were Aurors, maybe he was used to all this? But that was certainly no excuse to drag her into this!

 “This is all your fault. You do know that don’t you?” asked Lily angrily, not for the first time, since they had arrived.

James looked up, “Hey, it wasn’t my fault that you chose to follow me. Why were you anyway?”

“Excuse me?” Her voice could have frosted glass.

“Why were you following me? It’s a simple enough question; I would have thought Flitwicks prize student would be clever enough to answer it?”

“I would have thought that with the amount of trouble you get into on a weekly basis you would be clever enough to avoid walking in to such an obvious trap. It appears we both make mistakes.”

To her surprise, Potter smirked smugly. Too smugly.

“We’re making progress.” He declared


“You admitted that I’m clever.”

“Excuse me? You’re not still on that ludicrous idea that you and I are meant to be together, just because that blind bat of a divination professor said we were?”

Potter’s smirk morphed into a wide grin.

“You are a complete idiot, has anyone ever told you that?”

“You have, quite regularly actually.” 

 “I don’t know why I am even brothering taking to you!” she said, frustration evident in her voice as she threw up her arms as if she meant to strangle him, “You are just so annoying. You have so much potential and ability yet you waste it on completely pointless pranks that only end up hurting people.”

“You think that I have potential and ability?” asked Potter in a quiet voice.

“Well yeah,” said Evens awarkadly, what was Potter playing at?. “But you need to redirect all that energy you put in to pranking, and making fun of people, in to your studies, and other greater things.”

“Greater things then study,” said Potter raising an eyebrow as he looked at her seriously. “This from Evens, surely you jest?”

Evens shook her head. “No jest. James, I really believe that you could do amazing things, if you ever deflate your head and stop making fun of people as you waste your time with pranks.”

James nodded, “You’re one person, I have never made fun of, except in first year when I called you carrot top.”

Lily snorted, “You’re made fun of me every day for the past six. What with all the ‘Evens, darling, go out with me, its destiny’ crap you sport everyday in front of the common room.”

James was silent for a moment, “I was serious.” She looked at him surprised. “Not about the destiny part, I don’t know that, and I also personally believe the divination teacher can barely see the nose in front of her face, but I was serious when I asked if you would go out with me. I like you. I always have.”

Lily stared at him, “You barely know me.”

“I still like you, and I would like to get to know you better.” His eyes took in the cell surrounding them, “I had hoped it could be under better circumstances though.”

“Why did you pick up that snitch anyway?” asked Lily.

James run a hand though his hair, in frustration noted Lily, instead of his usual ‘I look cool this way’.  “I thought it was mine. We were playing catch with it and Peter missed it. I went out to find it, and naturally when I found it, I picked it up.”

“Was it yours?” asked Lily

James sighed, as he looked at the snitch which now lay so innocently on the ground next to him.

“Yeah. It was. It’s got my initials under the wing on the left side. See? I just don’t understand how someone could have turned it into a portkey. We were just playing catch with it before hand.”

The both stared at the snitch. Someone on the train must have turned it in to a portkey. But who?

“It couldn’t be a student,” said Lily, “It’s a beyond NEWT’s charm and besides were not allowed to do magic till we get to Hogwarts.”

James shook his head, “A student could still do it, there’s a lot of magic that went in to the making of the Hogwarts express. It would confuse the scanners that have at the Ministry. They can’t tell if someone doing magic or not, because of the thickness of the magic in the area itself.”

“So that means,” said Lily slowly, “That a student who lives in a magical household could still do magic during the holidays?”

James nodded.

“That’s so unfair. They get to have a jump start on studying for the exams and they get to continue doing magic unlike those from muggle families, like me.”

“Speak for yourself,” said James, “My mother always confiscated Sirius and my wands as soon as we walked inside the door, at least till we turned 17. Besides I only know that because my parents are both Aurors, there always complaining they can’t tract magic in magically dense areas. There’s too much interference”

Lily nodded, “It makes sense, though it seems unfair to me, though then the worlds not fair is it? Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.”

“Just imagine how worse it would be if the world was fair and you actually deserved all the terrible things that happen to you.”

Lily smiled, “Maybe you’re not so bad, Potter.”  

“Well there’s one thing about this situation. We’re got plenty of time to get to know each other. Well, at least until Voldemort comes and kills us.”

The cell was small enough that from the other end of the cell she was able to kick him in the leg. “Don’t be so tackless,” she ordered.

James smiled to himself; he could just imagine Sirius standing next to him saying how having a girl who liked hitting you was a good sign, but he couldn’t  help but frown slightly at the thought about how he was probably never going to see Sirius again, his brother all but in blood. 

“So are we friends?” asked James.

“Ok, we’re friends.” She said smiling softly.

“Good.” He closed his eyes and rested his head back against the stone wall, “Of course don’t imagine that just because we are now friends doesn’t mean I will stop trying to convince you that we belong together.”

“So you are this insufferable and arrogant to your friends as well.”


“Always get your way?” she asked.

He opened one eyes and admitted, “No, not always but I try.”

“Mmm, don’t attack Snape for a year and we’ll see.”

“How about, I and the rest of the Marauders leave Snape alone for two months and we’ll go out on a date.”

“7 months”

“Three months.”

“6 months.”

“Agreed,” said James, “So are we going to seal the deal with a kiss?”

She laughed, “You don’t like to waste any time do you?”

“No, I don’t.”

“For now, we’ll seal the deal with a handshake and later on? We’ll see.” said Lily, wondering to herself what would have happened if she had agreed to seal the deal with a kiss.

   They shook hands and for the first time since they had met each other, were able to sit and wait in a comfortable silence as they waited to find out what was to happen to them.  Luckily for them, an event was already taking place that would guarantee their future.


Location: Dumbledore’s Army Headquarters

               Undisclosed - Under Secrecy Act 1 in the DA Charter – “It’s not a good idea to let a potential death eater know the location of the headquarters.”

Year: 2000


Hermione Granger couldn’t say she was surprised when on Tuesday morning she was interrupted in the middle of a delicate piece of spell work. It had been happening so often lately that she would have been more surprised if she had managed to get through the day without being interrupted. Ever since Harry’s defeat of Voldemort, everyone from the minister of magic to those that had been members of the DA since its beginning suddenly believed that his time was important and shouldn’t be wasted. Of course they apparently didn’t feel the same about her time. Day and night, everyone who wanted to contract Harry did so through her, she felt like she was his personal assistant instead of being the head researcher of DA or what it was most commonly known as today by the general public, Potter’s Army.

“Ah... Hermione,” said Neville Longbottom nervously. While Neville had changed drastically from the short, tubby boy who believed he was a near squib into a trim, muscular man, he still retained his shy nature which was somewhat at odds with his appearance.

“Yes, Neville. What is it?,” Hermione sighed, knowing she was being rude, as she pushed her chair away from her desk, knowing that, yet again,  her work was ruined for the day.

“What can I help you with?” she asked, as she stood up and splashed some water, from her work bench sink, in her face in an attempt to freshen up.

“We’re found Wormtail, and some of the other missing Death Eaters,” he blurted.

“Good, has Harry been informed yet?” She asked, already knowing the answer.

“Not yet, it a bit delicate you see,” He said carefully.

“And you want me to tell him, is that it?”

He nodded gratefully, “Could you? That would be great. You see the thing is that while we don’t know where they are yet, we do know when they are.”

Hermione froze, “When they are? Do you mean to tell me that they have traveled in time?”

“In a manner of speaking? Yes. Specifically to 1975.”

Hermione immediately saw the danger; there was a lot a meddlesome death eater could do to mess up the timeline during that period, especially a Death Eater who had an imitate knowledge of both Lily and James Potter lives. Harry was definitely not going to be happy.

“Can we follow them? Who do we have working on that?”

“Luna has been working on it and we can follow them as soon as your both ready to leave,” answered Neville promptly. Immediately assuming that she was going to drop everything she was working on to go to 1975 with Harry. The problem was that he was right.

“Good. Harry will want to deal with this one personally. Tell Luna, he and I will be down there within 10 minutes.”  She turned and nearly run out the door in her haste.

“Hermione?” called Neville; she turned her head back to see him looking at her sheepishly. “I know I should have just gone straight to Harry with this, but….” He shrugged his shoulders. “But you’re just so much easier to talk to, and besides ever since Harry defeated Voldemort, he’s scared the shit out of me.”

Hermione nodded. 

Harry Potter seemed to scare the shit out of a lot of people these days.  It seemed to be a feature of Wizarding Society that Hermione would never personally understand; the way they seemed to fear those who are magically powerful, completely disregarding the fact that Harry was basically a normal average guy, when he wasn’t busy defeating Dark Lords. He even went out of his way sometimes to be unassuming, but people still ran and hid from him. Even those he had worked with for years.

     Of course it probably hadn’t helped any that immediately after Voldemort was defeated Harry accepted a contract from the Ministry for himself and the DA to locate and detain the Death Eaters who had worked for Voldemort. So far it had worked out well, as it had allowed the ministry to concentrate on purging its own ranks of death eaters and rebuilding Britain economy, while Harry and the DA continued fighting Death Eater. 

     She reached Harry’s office and barged in only to find him already ready to leave, as he stood in front of his desk in his traveling robes with their trucks sitting on the floor in front of him.

“So ready to go?” he asked.

“Harry! Did you bug my office? Again! After I especially told you not to only last week.” She asked. These days she was starting to sincerely regret ever developing magically controlled mini microphones that could be transmitted magically to a speaker within an unlimited range. Harry seemed to enjoy using them far too much.  She even had a sneaking suspicion that he even bugged his own office.

“How would I ever find out what was happening around here if I didn’t?” he asked, silently shrinking both there bags, and giving her hers, which she immediately put in her pocket. “No one around here tells me anything anymore, they all tell you.” He grumbled even as he eyes twinkled as he looked at her, “Not that I blame them, I’d much rather talk to you then me any day.”

“Yeah, but then we probably wouldn’t be talking much anyway.” She looked up at him and smiled cheekily, and he swooped down and kissed her, thoroughly and deeply and when she finally came up for breath they were already in the corridor and heading downstairs to Luna’s lab.

Apart from herself, Luna Lovegood seemed to be the only other person who was completely unintimidated by Harry, but then she had never had much of a reputation for being sane. Though one thing she wasn’t was stupid. The war had spotlighted Luna’s natural ability to develop and modify spells and if anyone could get them to 1975 in one piece it was her.  Hermione wasn’t sure if that thought reassured her or scared her.

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