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Title:  Changes

Rating: G

Characters: Rose, Ten

Spoilers: None really, unless you weren’t aware that Rose Tyler traveled with the Doctor. And that she was brilliant.

Summery: The Doctor knows this won’t last forever. Rose knows that it doesn’t matter.

Author’s Note: Super short fic (570 odd words) about changes.




“This won’t last forever you know.” said the Doctor as Rose lay next to him. He had been uncharacteristically quiet all night, and had seemed content to merely lay still on the bed with Rose half using him as a pillow (Footnote – an uncommon occurrence in itself most of the time Rose liked to complain that the Doctor couldn’t stay still for more then two minutes at a time though he insisted that it was at least three minutes, 45 seconds, one millisecond and two nanoseconds.)  Rose looked up at him as he avoid her glaze by staring at the ceiling as if was uncommonly interesting.  

“What do you mean?’ asked Rose.

“Well…change is inevitable yeah?” said the Doctor. “Well except from vending machines obviously, so it stands to reason it won’t always be like this.”

“Of course it won’t. Usually it’s never this quiet,” said Rose.

“But it won’t always be like that either,” said the Doctor. “I can feel it. Things are going to change and I’m not going to be able to stop it.”

“But they will never be able to spilt us apart,” protested Rose. “Look at the things we have faced together despite everything. I’m going to stay with you forever.”

The Doctor looked down at her, his face saying what he couldn’t. That it could never be.

“Well at least till I’m old, wrinkly and you have to push around my wheelchair and schedule adventures around my doctor appointments.”

The Doctor smiled sadly.

“Doctor, even if they do manage to spilt us up. I would find a way back to you. I wouldn’t stop till I had.”

“You might not want to find a way back,” said the Doctor. “Things change.  People change. I change.”

“What? You planning to change faces again anytime soon?” scoffed Rose sitting up and facing away from him.

“Rose. Sometimes I don’t get a choice when I change and you might not like the man I turn into.”

“I know,” said Rose. “I mean you might be blonde next time.”

“Or have three noses.”

The Rose turned around and hit him with the pillow. “What is with you and three noses?”

“Oi, I always wanted a better sense of smell. It could come in very handy.”

“On what planet?” scoffed Rose, “Actually don’t answer that. I don’t think I want to know.”

“I could be old,” said the Doctor his voice serious.

“You are over 900 years. You are the very definition of old. They should list you under old in the dictionary.”

“I mean I could look it.”

“Then I would be pushing you around in a wheel chair instead,” laughed Rose, “But it would still be you. I know what you are trying to do, Doctor. What you don’t see is that just because you look different or act different, it doesn’t change you who are. You would still rescue planets, defeat monsters and question authority when ever you can while making us regular human feel a couple of steps down the evolutionarily ladder. That’s part of you that not even you can change no matter what you look like.”

“Even if I had three noses?” The Doctor asked grinning at her slightly.

“Even then,” agreed Rose as she grinned in spite of herself. “One of these days though you are going to have to explain your obsession with having three noses. That just can’t be healthy.”



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